Linkedin and IT Marketing

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If you are selling a product or service B2B, then Linkedin might be a great advertising platform for you.  The main issue with Linkedin is that, similar to Facebook, people aren’t actively searching to find something like they are when they use Google.  In addition, the ads on Linkedin aren’t placed in the optimal positions.  Because of this, the click-through rate on ads are pretty low, despite the potential of high targeting and focus.  Nevertheless, depending on your product, you can still get a great return on your PPC campaign with Linkedin.  This article will provide a few considerations you should keep in mind when doing a Linkedin campaign.


If you are somewhat familiar with Linkedin, this should be a no-brainer.  With Linkedin, you can target the exact audience you want.  You can target by location, job title, company, etc.  You should do a lot of thinking about exact whom you are trying to target.  Make a list of all the companies you are targeting and what job titles you are focusing on, keeping in mind that job titles are not standardized across different companies.  I would even look at org charts at your target companies, which you can obtain from companies such as iProfile or DiscoverOrg.  This exercise is critical to increasing click-through rates.

Try Different Ad Copy

The best part about advertising on Linkedin is the data you can see regarding your campaign.  You should create a few different ad copies that are very different from each other.  Run them all at the same time and then see which ad or ads perform better than the others.  With this information, you can determine the optimal ad copy.

Landing Pages

You should also have different landing pages that you send people to.  You can get data to see which landing pages convert potential customers better.  Have very different landing pages to ensure you will find the optimal one(s).

If you can do these three things, you should have a successful Linkedin campaign.


IT Marketing- 2 Ways to Succeed

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Being in marketing for an IT company can be very interesting.  You know exactly who you are targeting and you just need to figure out how best to reach your audience.  Even if you have an amazing product, that doesn’t really matter if you can’t market effectively.  A very big and important way to market for an IT company is through Internet marketing.  This article will discuss the various ways you can succeed in Internet marketing.


This is a difficult thing to accomplish.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website highly ranked on Google and other search engines.  You are completely dependent on the rules of the search engines and oftentimes those rules change quickly.  The best thing to do is to create high quality content that your users will benefit from.  From there you should find authoritative sites to write about you and provide a link back to your site.  I would strongly suggest that you do not engage in “black-hat” methods (things like keyword stuffing or linking schemes), as Google will eventually catch on and punish you accordingly.  Hiring an SEO consultant is a worthwhile investment.  Make sure the person has produced sustainable results for his/her clients in the past before making a hire.


Linkedin is a great way to advertise B2B.  You can target exactly whom you want to target.  You can do the targeting by location, job title, company, etc.  With that said, people who are on Linkedin aren’t actively searching like they would on Google.  Furthermore, because of the placement of the ads, the click-through rate is not as good as it should be.  For that reason, while Linkedin is hypothetically the best advertising platform for IT marketing, it doesn’t always work out that way in practice.  You should definitely give it a shot, however.  To know whom to target, you should use the HR information available at companies like Jigsaw or iProfile ( or check out the Facebook page at  They will allow you to see org charts, get job titles and responsibilities, etc. for the IT departments within major companies.

Google AdWords

This is probably the best advertising tool in existence.  Click-through rates are high and conversion rates are high because people are actively searching a specific topic when using Google.  It is very easy to set up an AdWords campaign.  You should at least give AdWords a shot before you dismiss it.  The majority of companies who use it find it to be worthwhile.

Between these three methods of marketing, you can attract a lot of potential customers.  I would at least give each of these a try.  They most likely will all provide a great ROI.

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