Common Google AdWords Mistakes

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For whatever reason, most companies running a Google AdWords campaign don’t do it very efficiently.  As a result, the companies miss out on a lot of business and also waste a lot of money that could’ve been spent more effectively.  I can’t explain why companies don’t spend more time making their campaigns optimized.  Maybe they don’t know how to do it or just don’t have the time to manage an effective campaign.  Either way, a lot of companies make a some bad mistakes when running their campaigns.  Here is a list of a few common mistakes that companies make when running an Adwords campaign.

Bad Targeting

Depending on what you are selling, you should be doing very specific targeting.  If you are running ads on their display network, then you have the ability to tell Google exactly what sites you want to run your ads on.  If you are selling mattresses, then you can tell Google to run your ads only on mattress-related sites.  If you don’t do this, who knows where Google will run your ads.  Furthermore, if you only sell to certain locations, you can tell Google to only run ads for people in certain locations.  If you aren’t doing this targeting, you are truly wasting a lot of money.

Ads Not Relevant to Keywords

If you have a set number of keywords you are targeting, you should create individual ads for each one of those keywords.  This will ensure you get the highest click-through rate possible.  You would be surprised how many companies just have one ad that is applied to every keyword they are targeting.  They then wonder why no one is clicking on their ad.  As a searcher, you will be way more likely to click on an ad if the ad contains words that are directly related to what you are searching.  Companies should keep this in mind when they run their ad campaigns.

Bad/Unrelated Landing Pages

If you happen to get someone to click through one of your ads, you should have really great and informative landing pages ready for those users.  A lot of companies just have general landing pages that may not be relevant to the keywords the users were searching.  This may involve creating multiple landing pages, but consider this and try to create landing pages that are relevant to the terms users are searching on Google.

Bad Bidding

You should be constantly updating your bidding on keywords based on historical data.  If a certain keyword is doing really well, then you should increase the bid for that keyword.  It’s not difficult to figure out, but lots of companies don’t do this step.  Make sure you monitor the performance of your ads (based on CTR, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.) and change your bid according to the performance of those ads.  This is the best way to apply money to the optimal places.


How to Learn More About This Topic

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This is a topic with a lot of relatively new trends.  For example, Linkedin isn’t that old of a company and advertising on its platform is an even newer concept.  Companies are just now figuring out ways to make very optimized ad campaigns on the site to create a justifiable return on investment.  The same thing goes for Google AdWords.  While the platform has been available for a while now, the process for optimizing a campaign has evolved a lot and companies are only now figuring out the best practices.

With that being said, there are a few resources at your disposal that can really help you out if you would like to read and learn more about the topic.

Most people think of the front page of Reddit, but there are some very informative subreddits tailored to a very specific audience.  This is especially so for the Sales subreddit.  While it is not specific to IT, you can learn a ton from an amazing community of sales professionals on this site.  If you have any question about your sales process and/or want to get other people in your industry to review you sales plan and what you have been doing, this is the place to be.  The members of this community will be very direct and will not sugarcoat anything, so you know you will get the best feedback possible from any questions that you have.

This is kind of a similar resource to the Sales subreddit.  You can pose a question to the Yahoo Answers community and you will more than likely get a really informative answer from someone who is in the business.  You can then look at other related questions that people have asked and learn from the answers to those questions.  You would be surprised by how informative Yahoo Answers can be if you ask the right questions and if you do the right research.

This is a blog that details the day-to-day of an IT salesman.  You can get some really good ideas on how you should go about sales if you too are an IT salesman.  If anything, this is a good site to read to just brainstorm on how you can improve at your job.  It is good to read how other people are going about their job to reflect and see if you think you could do anything differently to improve at your job.  Overall, this is a very good resource.

IT Sales Intelligence

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Sales intelligence is a term that probably doesn’t mean much to people.  If you are a sales professional, however, it could revolutionize your job.  With sales intelligence, gone are the days where you cold call someone without knowing any information about the person or the company.  This is because sales intelligence tools allow you to validate your leads and learn everything you could possibly know about your potential client before you ever make a pitch.

So what information exactly is available with sales intelligence for IT salespeople?  You can get org charts on the IT departments of companies, both large and small.  With this, you can learn exactly who reports to whom and what each person’s responsibilities are.  This will allow you to know exactly if you are talking to the right person.  In addition, you can learn about the company you are trying to sell to.  You can learn what the IT budget is at a company, what vendors the company has purchased from in the past, what new spending initiatives the company has undertaken, etc.  With this information, you can have a good sense of how to make your pitch and whether you have a good chance of being successful with your sales pitch.

So who provides sales intelligence to the IT sector?  The main two players are iProfile and DiscoverOrg.  I would suggest reading reviews of the different companies and then comparing the pricing structure of both.  If you can do a free trial period for both companies, then you can just see who provides more and better quality data.

To learn more about iProfile, you can check out any of the following links:

For more information on DiscoverOrg, check out their website at