Sales intelligence is a term that probably doesn’t mean much to people.  If you are a sales professional, however, it could revolutionize your job.  With sales intelligence, gone are the days where you cold call someone without knowing any information about the person or the company.  This is because sales intelligence tools allow you to validate your leads and learn everything you could possibly know about your potential client before you ever make a pitch.

So what information exactly is available with sales intelligence for IT salespeople?  You can get org charts on the IT departments of companies, both large and small.  With this, you can learn exactly who reports to whom and what each person’s responsibilities are.  This will allow you to know exactly if you are talking to the right person.  In addition, you can learn about the company you are trying to sell to.  You can learn what the IT budget is at a company, what vendors the company has purchased from in the past, what new spending initiatives the company has undertaken, etc.  With this information, you can have a good sense of how to make your pitch and whether you have a good chance of being successful with your sales pitch.

So who provides sales intelligence to the IT sector?  The main two players are iProfile and DiscoverOrg.  I would suggest reading reviews of the different companies and then comparing the pricing structure of both.  If you can do a free trial period for both companies, then you can just see who provides more and better quality data.

To learn more about iProfile, you can check out any of the following links:

For more information on DiscoverOrg, check out their website at